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Real, Raw, and Relevant Deep Dives

Into Your Hot Messes

Soul What?

Soul What?

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Are you a Hot Mess?...  Well, welcome to the club!

We asked over 500 women for questions they would ask a therapist, and were blown away by their responses.
They asked about everything... pretty much "the whole enchilada" of the issues women are facing today.
So many great questions, we just had to take them on. So welcome to "The Soul Enchilada," where we'll talk about anything...

Think of it as a little free online therapy, where

Your $hitshow is our $hitshow, and NOTHING is off limits.

Strengthen Your Soul Webinar Series

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Befriending Fear to Forge Faith

Is fear holding you back from discovering your purpose and living out your dreams?


Join Laura Busse and Christine Ruth for a LIVE webinar that combines faith and therapy to give you practical tools to recognize fear in your life, how it's holding you back, and how to break free and live out your purpose.



Thursday, September 21st

5:30 – 7:00 PM (MST)

7:30 – 9:00 PM (EST)


Our story begins in a basement. Laura was holding one of her Faith Studies, and Christine was sitting in the back, quietly checking out the goings on. When we finally introduced ourselves, it was clear that we had a lot in common and even more to talk about.

It turns out that people actually wanted to hear what we had to say. So we started working together on a few projects. The latest one, Tag! You're It, was a blend of spirituality, psychology, and science that proved to be the inspiration for the Soul Enchilada podcast.

We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoy making it. But more importantly, we hope you come away from each episode with a better love for and understanding of yourself.

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